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Kristen Hale

LPC, BCN, Registered Play Therapist, IMH-Endorsed Level 3

Kristen Hale is the owner and founder of Connect and Restore, LLC. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist, TBRI Educator, and Infant Mental Health Endorsed Level 3 Therapist. She received a B.A. in English from the University of North Texas, followed by an Master of Science in Counseling from Oklahoma State University. In addition to having been a coach and teacher for fifteen years, Kristen was a school counselor for two years after earning her master’s degree, then eventually transitioned into outpatient mental health. She has worked in agency, private, and non-profit settings.

A mother of four and a wife for over 25 years, she has developed a passion for working with families as they build and maintain healthy relationships. Kristen often consults with school districts around the country, training educators in effective ways to build connections, foster positive relationships, and reduce discipline problems in the classroom. She has additional expertise and experience with attachment therapies for children fostered or adopted domestically and internationally. Most recently, she has been privileged to assist many adults and children in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through the use of EMDR therapy. An additional clinical interest for Kristen includes addressing the social-emotional and scholastic needs of the highly and profoundly gifted.

Her specific clinical approaches include Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), Experiential Play Therapy, Child-Centered Play Therapy, Filial Play Therapy, Circle of Security, and Trust Based Relational Intervention.

After personally experiencing the life-changing effects of neurofeedback for both her daughter, son, and herself, Kristen became Board Certified in Neurofeedback through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. She is excited to offer comprehensive neurofeedback services for children as young as age 4 to adults.

Lindsey Berryman


Lindsey is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and Registered Play Therapist Supervisor. She is also an EMDR Certified Therapist. She has extensive training in trauma and attachment work that assists her in practice with children, teens, and adults. Lindsey holds certification in Therapy from the Therapy Institute in Chicago and is recognized as a Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) practicioner and educator through the Karen Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University. Lindsey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from Evangel University and a Master’s Degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. She has worked in outpatient, school-based, in-office, and community mental health settings. Lindsey is passionate about assisting individuals and families heal from their past traumas as well as developing behavioral and emotional regulation strategies tailored for clients’ individual needs.

Dawn Brandenburgh

LPC & Supervisor, SENG Model Group Parent Group Facilitator (SMPG)

Dawn Brandenburgh is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor, and SENG Model Group Parent Group Facilitator (SMPG).

She received a B.S. in Psychology from Texas A&M University, an M.Ed. in Community Counseling from Ohio University, and has 20 years of experience in the field of counseling.

Dawn’s passion is to help clients gain an awareness into their lives — working towards the goal of healing and the installation of hope – and help them recognize their influence to change. She believes that looking beyond a person’s behavior and instead seeking to understand what set of circumstances helped shaped their behaviors can be a turning point. For some who experienced difficult events in their lives, responses made to those circumstances were adaptive in nature. Dawn works intentionally to help clients understand that although once helpful and at times life-saving, some of these strategies may no longer be as effective as they once were.

She has experience working with a diverse group of clients, including those who struggle with self-esteem issues (‘people pleasers’), anxiety, depression, unresolved trauma and adjustments to life circumstances. In her work, Dawn strives to create an atmosphere of non-judgment and safety, which allows for client growth.

Dawn has additional interest and experience in the areas of the highly gifted, exceptionally gifted and profoundly gifted. Personally, and professionally, she understands the struggles that emotional intensities, overexcitabilities and executive functioning present within this population, and adapts her counseling strategies to assist these individuals to overcome these challenges.

Dawn is currently pursuing EMDR therapy training which can mitigate unresolved post-traumatic stress responses.

Courtney Gillespie

LPC Candidate, Neurofeedback Technician

Courtney Gillespie is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate and Neurofeedback technician at Connect and Restore. Courtney holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and Addictions Counseling from Northeastern State University. Prior to becoming and LPC candidate, Courtney has been working with the juvenile system and advocating for women who struggle with addiction.

Courtney believes in the power of neurofeedback to provide non-medication alternatives to treatment for a variety of conditions. She provides counseling services as an LPC Candidate at Connect and Restore to children, teens, and adults. Her specific approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and she will be beginning additional training in EMDR therapy in May 2019

Jordan L. Gustin

MA, LPC, IMH-E® (II) Infant Family Specialist

Jordan is a Licensed Professional Counselor and is Infant Mental Health Endorsed at Level II, Infant Family Specialist. Jordan received a B.A. in Psychology from Northeastern State University, an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Regent University in Virginia Beach, and is a Certified Traumatologist through The Green Cross Academy. Jordan has extensive training in working with clients who have experienced traumas of all types.

Jordan’s career has been primarily with children and adults who have encountered domestic or sexual violence, physical abuse, neglect, emotional abuse, and/or other stressful or traumatic experiences. She is trained to provide Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Attachment and Bio-behavioral Catch-Up (ABC), Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), and Circle of Security Parenting.

Jordan enjoys working with children ages 0-18 and truly believes in the power of connection, healthy relationships, and steadfast hope. She recognizes that all behavior has meaning and all of us need help from time to time to understand the meaning behind behavior. Jordan is passionate about helping caregivers understand the meaning behind their child’s behavior while also helping children be able to experience their emotions, express them in a healthy way, and learn techniques to regulate them in order to be the best version of themselves.

Jordan strives for balance in her life through spending time in the sunshine with loved ones, creating or crafting, and traveling the world.

Rachel M. Henry

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Rachel graduated in 2010 with my Masters in Marital and Family Therapy from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville. She always knew that she wanted to use her knowledge to help clients to pursue lasting change and healing in their lives.

Rachel assists her clients by taking into account the environments, backgrounds, and experiences of each client while treatment planning and doing therapy. Her work from a family systems perspective as an LMFT allows her to see a broad range of clients including individuals, couples, and families. She believes that the most dynamic change can take place when you get more than one person in the room. She is specially trained in marital and family therapy and loves to have the opportunity to work with those populations in addition to her individual clients.

Her undergraduate background also lends a specialized perspective to therapy. Rachel has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art Education from Tennessee Technological University. This expertise in fine art, coupled with extensive training in using art to work with children and adolescents has added a unique side to her work with clients. Often times verbal modes of therapy fall short while working with clients. Using art to broaden the options of expression has been extremely helpful in many cases.

Rachel is currently working on a certification in Level 1 Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Therapy. This additional training has given her tools to work with clients that have experienced a wide variety of traumas. Paired with experiential and solution focused approaches Rachel has been able to get movement and change quickly while collaborating in therapy work with adult and teen clients as well. She is a wife and mother of three in addition to her work as a therapist at Connect and Restore.

Shayna Emshof

Billing Specialist / Office Manager

Shayna Emshof has worked for Connect and Restore since June 2017 and brings more than 18 years’ experience in professional medical office environments.  While most of her background has been as an insurance billing specialist in the mental health field, Shayna is comfortable stepping into any role from scheduling appointments to appealing insurance companies to credentialing providers.

Shayna’s personal motivator is to work in an environment that has a positive impact in the lives of others.  At Connect and Restore, she feels as if she has found a way to live out those desires and is happy to assist clients, parents and staff in finding solutions to any problem.

She is originally from Oklahoma City and moved to Tulsa more than 15 years ago. In 2007, she earned her associates degree from Tulsa Community College. Shayna enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and their dog. In her spare time, Shayna enjoys cooking, home improvement projects, swimming, spending time outdoors, and going to the lake.