Real people, in safe spaces, finding hope and healing together.

Your life journey matters—and so does your well-being. You deserve innovative, dedicated care from therapists who are committed to seeing your life transformed.

At Connect and Restore, you’ll receive compassionate, personalized therapeutic care that equips you to face challenges, make healthy changes, and experience greater wellness.

Flexible, Customized Approaches to Living Your Best Life

Your situation is unique to you, and so are your needs and goals.

That’s why we offer a wide range of innovative, leading-edge therapies, tools and techniques to lead you to genuine, life-transforming changes and greater well-being.

We’ll match you to the best, step-by-step care plan to meet you where you’re at and equip you to get where you want to go.


Whatever you’re facing, we’ll design a personalized therapeutic approach for you. We offer counseling for infants, children, teens, adults, couples, families, trauma, grief, and more.


Looking for a leading-edge way to treat ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, PTSD, Depression, memory challenges, or simply to boost mental performance? Neurofeedback yields proven results, both on its own or integrated with other therapies.


There’s always more to learn along your journey in life. We offer as many resources as we can to answer your questions and provide new insights that promote your well-being.

Your Trusted, Caring Team of Therapists

At Connect and Restore, we’re passionate about helping people find hope, healing, and success.

Our team of licensed professionals has over 100+ combined years of advanced training, certifications, and experience working with people of all ages. We care about you, your story, and about creating a safe, supportive environment for personal connection and restoration.

And we’re constantly training in the latest techniques and treatments to ensure our clients are always on the leading-edge of solutions that make their lives better.

Enjoy a Healthy, Successful Life Journey

We understand it’s hard to tackle life’s challenges alone. That’s why we’re here to travel with you on your journey to greater well-being.

Begin your journey today!

Set up an initial session so we can learn where you’re at and where you’d like to go.

Share your story, needs and goals so we can collaboratively choose next steps and a fitting therapy approach and therapist specifically for you.

Experience healthy, positive changes that boost your well-being and equip you for a successful life journey.