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Professional Counseling

Our licensed, experienced, and professional therapists value the process that each child, family, teen, adult, or parent must embark on to live the most full and productive life possible.


Neurofeedback is like going to the gym for the brain; it learns to function at optimal levels, increasing clients’ overall relaxation and reducing many negative symptoms.


Connect and Restore is proud to offer a variety of training and consultation services to various schools and organizations throughout the United States.

Meet Our Team

The Connect and Restore providers are ready to assist you with any needs you and your family may have as you navigate life’s ups and downs. It is our privilege to serve you and to partner with you on your family’s journey.

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Client Reviews

I had a client that was very depressed and angry. I worked with him for some time before sending him to Kristen for neurofeedback. I was amazed at the results! He is calmer, able to talk about his feelings, and has better relationships than he did just using traditional therapy.

Amanda Etheridge, LPC

As someone who’s spent a lifetime trying to cope with focus issues and anxiety, neurofeedback has been like a breath of fresh air. I always felt like my options were just dealing with it or taking pills everyday, but Connect & Restore gave me a way to overcome these issues, and I am forever thankful. Each person there truly cares about you and about helping you reach your full potential. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with the Connect & Restore team, and I would encourage anyone who thinks they just have to “deal with it” to contact Kristen and her team to find out what treatment options are available.

Female, 27

“[The educator training] was wonderful and so informative! I could tell our group really felt it was a professional development morning that was worthwhile. Your presentation was evidence of intensive education, but also a natural ability to connect with your listeners. You established great rapport with our counselors.”

Kim Strom, Counselor, Cedar Ridge Elementary, Union Public Schools


Connect and Restore is proud to support the work of 2Roads in helping the 2 million orphans and street children of Uganda.

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