Compassionate, Personalized Counseling

Life can get overwhelming. And sometimes, a caring helping hand can make all the difference as you navigate your circumstances.

Whether you’re facing a difficult situation, going through a tough transition, working through a traumatic experience, or you want to discover better ways to handle everyday life, our compassionate, skilled counselors will walk alongside you and help you anchor in safety as you explore your path forward.

Achieve your best life through caring, empathetic, results-driven therapy solutions that equip you for greater well-being and lifelong success.

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Whatever You Need, We Meet You There.

Your life journey has been unique, and so are your concerns and needs. We understand that—which is why we listen closely and work with you to determine how best to assist you in moving forward into greater well-being.

Our counselors are trained, licensed and experienced in using a variety of specialized therapies and techniques, but the most important aspect of our approach is the establishment of a supportive and relational environment in which to share your story.

Because humans are complex and multi-dimensional with mind, body, and spirit impacting our whole selves, we also believe in the power of integrated services. We love to collaborate with other trusted members of your care team to provide the most comprehensive, cohesive healing possible.

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For Individuals

In individual sessions, we create a safe space to connect with you as we work through your thoughts, feelings and circumstances. Our one-on-one sessions for individuals are foundational to our approach and are an ideal way to travel toward restoration and wholeness.

Family time

For Families

We are wired for connection, and addressing the strengths and needs of the family can have ripple effects on individual growth and healing. We provide couples therapy, parenting classes, and a variety of therapeutic groups to help you learn and grow together as a family, build a strong parent-child connection, and create a safe haven for each other during life’s challenges.

For Trauma

Trauma can be most simply described as when our system gets overwhelmed due to an event. Something happens that overcomes us — it is too much, too little, too fast, too soon — and there is not enough time or support available to make sense of the experience. Trauma impacts our autonomic nervous system and therefore informs the way we experience life in the here and now.

Through creating a safe, calm, secure environment for exploring these past experiences, our counselors utilize mind-body approaches (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and Somatic Integration Processing) to help you integrate traumatic events and minimize the negative impact of the past on the present.

Playing with blocks

Through Play

Children have the very same needs to be seen and secure that adults do, yet they use the language of play instead of words to communicate, so their care should be unique as well. Our team of play therapists encompasses this need through the use of a variety of proven play therapy approaches.

With support and understanding, children are free to express their thoughts and feelings and can begin to use words and play instead of behaviors to communicate how they are experiencing the world.

In the Early Years

From birth to the age of five, rapid brain development and attachment experiences with caregivers are forming the crucial foundation to lifelong mental health. Our Infant Mental Health Endorsed therapists partner with parents, infants, toddlers, and other close relatives to facilitate greater social and emotional wellness. Through a relational and supportive strengths-based approach, we partner with adults to provide strong, safe, and secure bases for children to explore the world and develop healthy attachments.

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Portrait of couple of two happy and healthy seniors old people smiling and looking at the window.

Throughout the Lifespan

All stages of life present their own joys and challenges. Whatever you or your loved one may be facing, our team is here to listen, support, and help you find a way forward into healing through safe relationship and evidence-based therapies that create space for self-discovery and wholeness.

Here’s Why You’ll Love Our Approach to Counseling

We get to know you.

You deserve to be seen, heard, and safe in your therapy. Getting to know you, your perspectives, and your life story is where we begin to map your path toward your goals.

We partner with you to create a plan.

After we fully understand your experiences, we collaborate with you to make the therapeutic journey a partnership, moving at your determined pace toward the goals that you set for yourself.

We stay present until you launch.

No matter who you are and where you are in life, we are here to help. We care for you the way we want our own family and friends cared for—and we are committed to seeing you achieve all your goals. We love to watch our clients launch into a full, whole life when therapy comes to a close.