Meet Our Team

Kori Neely


I graduated from Oklahoma State in 2007 and Southern Nazarene University in 2011 and am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. My passion is helping children and their families who have been through tough times.

As a mom myself, and a seasoned counselor, I understand that some children have experienced things that make them feel sad, scared, or confused. These children may have come from difficult backgrounds or faced challenges that most kids don’t have to go through. But I believe that every child deserves love, support, and a chance to heal and it is my privilege to partner with them on that journey.

It is my mission to create a safe space for children of all ages (0-18) to express their feelings and share their stories. It is important to me to listen carefully and help children and their parents understand that they are not alone. Although I am trained in many therapy modalities, my favorite and most used are Attachment Theory, Client-centered-play therapy, Trust-Based-Relational-Interventions, Theraplay, and more. I am also pursuing EMDR therapy and am excited to use this with children who have experienced trauma.

I always work closely with families, because I know that having a strong support system is essential for a child’s healing journey. I help parents and caregivers understand their child’s needs and teach them how to provide the love and care that every child deserves. Another passion I have is to help new mothers navigate the adjustments of having a new role and the hardships of postpartum depression and anxiety.

In my spare time you can find me with my husband and 4 children, either at an outdoor activity, snuggled up watching movies, or cheering for the kids at various sporting events.

I am dedicated to helping children, mothers, and families from hard places. Every child and parent have the potential to grow, heal, and thrive, no matter what they have been through. Together, through empathy, guidance, and support, children and families find their strength, build resilience, and create a brighter future.