Meet Our Team

Lindsey Berryman

Director of Clinician Development LPC & Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, EMDR Certified Therapist

Becoming a therapist was a significant decision for me, far more intentional than just choosing a career path. I am passionate about helping others, and providing a warm, supportive, nurturing environment for my clients is a calling and significant part of my life’s purpose. It is my true honor to partner with you as you traverse the ups and downs you encounter in your life’s journey.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Evangel University, I chose the University of Oklahoma for my graduate degree. In 2007, I earned a master’s degree in Human Relations and began my career as a therapist, initially working in community mental health. In the following years, I continued working in a variety of mental health settings, including school-based social work, nonprofit agencies, and most recently private practice here at Connect and Restore.

My professional endorsements have been driven by a deep desire to assist individuals heal from their past traumas, as well as to help them develop behavioral and emotional regulation strategies tailored for their individual needs.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor for therapists in candidacy for LPC licensure in the state of Oklahoma. Additionally, I have earned credentialing as a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor and enjoy training other counselors who are seeking to integrate play therapy techniques into their work. One of my favorite play modalities is Theraplay©, an attachment-based therapy that uses the parent-child relationship as the path to change and healing, and I have earned the credential of Theraplay© Certified therapist. I am also a Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Practitioner and Educator, a knowledge base I use frequently in my work with parents and children, especially children from hard places.

A particular passion of mine is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a trauma-based therapy that is highly effective in reducing the emotional and physical impact of traumatic experiences. After working with this modality extensively with both children and adults, I earned “EMDR Certified” status through EMDRIA, and am currently a CiT (Consultant in Training) working toward “EMDR Consultant”, so I regularly coach other clinicians in EMDR basic training. Most recently, I have incorporated Internal Family Systems and Ego State work, as well as Somatic Integration and Processing into the therapeutic process with incredibly positive outcomes for clients.

When I am not busy seeing clients myself, I am most often serving and supporting other mental health professionals (both in the Connect and Restore office and in the therapeutic community) through education, staffing, training and case conceptualization, as well as supervision for a variety of professional endorsements and certifications.

An avid coffee drinker, a wife of 13 years, and a mom of two beautiful and brilliant sons (and two adorable West Highland Terriers), I also spend spare time being actively involved in my church and faith community, collecting Art Deco, and traveling to the beach every chance I get.