Meet Our Team

Sam Hale

Chief Operations Officer

As an HR executive for most of my career, I’ve spent most of the last three decades helping various companies achieve organizational goals and strategic initiatives by leading corporate structure development and policy design and implementation.   After earning a degree in psychology from the University of North Texas, and I received certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources.  After years of coaching my own kids in various sports activities, I also earned a certification as a Mental Game Coach where I help athletes maximize their skills and abilities, enabling them to achieve their goals in their particular sport. 

At Connect and Restore, my role is to provide support services and organizational development as our team seeks to live out our mission of building a integrated mental health and therapeutic services team that is unparalleled in the state of Oklahoma. I am proud to be able to bring my skills and abilities from the corporate world into an organization such as Connect and Restore, with excellent and committed staff and a passion for helping real people find hope and healing.     

I’ve been married to my lovely wife, Kristen, for more than 25 years and we have four children we could not be more proud of.