Meet Our Team

Trisha Taylor

ORU Counseling Intern

Helping people has always been my passion. As a reading tutor, I discovered a true joy in helping others gain confidence in themselves and in their abilities. It brings me so much joy to help individuals tap into their best selves, and watching their growth over time often leaves me in awe.

As a Master’s Level counseling student at ORU, I am specifically interested in work with couples and families. As such, I received training in Level I Gottman couples therapy and am pursuing Level 2 training. I believe couples are the beginning framework of the family and I have a passion to help families. We are designed to grow and learn through relationships and our families are where those building blocks begin. In helping couples I am helping the family change and grow not only in the present but also they can effect change over future generations. I am thankful and honored to be invited in as part of that growth and change for clients.

Being an intern counselor is not just a career path for me; it is a calling that fuels my dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others. I look forward to joining clients on their therapeutic journey, as we navigate through challenges and embrace the potential for growth and positive change.

I have been married to my husband for 24 years and together we have four children and two dogs. In my free time I love to go camping and spend time playing games with my family. I also love the water, traveling, and meeting new people.